Magento Programming – Positive and Negative facet

Magento is one of the greatest eCommerce platforms. This programming language is highly used for website development. There are many advantages of using this, but there are some negative factors also associated with the Magento.


Positive Facet

Magento is open source
Magento is built on the Zend Framework, which uses open source technology. It means there are tons of tools and plug-ins there, which makes the language more flexible. As this is open source, this can be modified easily if you have hired an experienced Magento developer.

Community members
Magento has a gigantic size community in which a large number of developers, users, experts, and contributors are playing a vital role to support other users. Due to its popularity, it is growing rapidly and there are countless templates, extensions, modules are available to facilitate the users for commercial free use.

Magento Featrues
This language is rich in features and able to offer top level functions to an eCommerce website that includes latest marketing tools and promotion tools. Magento provides a nicely organized integration with the third party services that comprise Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, and Google Checkout and instead of it this support different type of payment processing services like Paypal express and so on.

Negative Facet

Magento Experience
Working with Magento is not quite easy at all; it requires a sound knowledge of working with this open source programming language. The development of the website comes in three different phases that comprise design, client side programming and server side programming. And the thing is that all three phases require different key skills to work with.

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